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Celeste River

Celeste River

If we describe it poetically where God washed his brush after painting the sky. The Celeste River is located about 68 kilometers from La Fortuna, in the Guatuso de Alajuela canton, in the Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Recommended for those who are on their way to Monteverde, although it is not located in La Fortuna, it is a unique and unmissable place, which is why it cannot be left out of the list.

To get to the waterfall you will have to walk a fairly easy path of 1.5 kilometers and go down (and then climb) the 250 steps until you reach the base of the waterfall. In case you want to extend the route, something highly recommended, you can continue the walk for another 5 kilometers, following a circular path and see the blue lagoon, which is a small pool of intense blue color, the hervideros or borbollones, which are some cracks through which gases come out due to volcanic activity and the “teñidero”, which is the exact point where the river takes on the blue color that characterizes the place.

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In case you do not want to worry about anything, we recommend you book this walk through Río Celeste.

For information about tour, you can consult this guide to visit Río Celeste.