Aventuras El Lago - Jeep Boat Jeep To Monteverde

We are a Jeep boat Jeep transportation company to Monteverde and private transportation to any part of the country for more than two decades of providing our services.

Jeep Boat Jeep will make your trip easy. As we did with thousands of people who have traveled between La Fortuna and Monteverde in recent years.

Jeep boat Jeep service is the best option if you are traveling from Arenal to Monteverde or vice versa.

Experience the beauty of the Arenal Volcano, a boat ride on Lake Arenal, incredible views of the mountains and villages on the route to the Monteverde cloud forest.

Jeep Boat Jeep Schedule 8:00 AM 2:00 PM

Jeep Boat Jeep

Monteverde - La Fortuna

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Hotel La Palmera Real

La Palma Real Hotel

La Palmera Real hotel that arose from the memories of children with many desires to offer a stay as if they were at home, where the family can recreate, couples have a moment of tranquility, surrounded by nature and its animals with many desires to do grow this memory and improve in all the aspects in which it entails providing a better stay.

Always with our desire for a healthy person to enjoy.