Jeep Boat Jeep Tour – La Fortuna / Monteverde – Departure 8am and 2pm

¡An incredible Jeep-Boat-Jeep tour!

Discover the essence of Costa Rica on an incredible Jeep-Boat-Jeep tour!

In the natural beauty we explore very impressive destinies:

  • Jeep: La Fortuna de San Carlos
  • Boat: El Lago Arenal
  • Jeep: Monteverde in Puntarenas.

Our route takes you through vibrant landscapes, with natural flowers all the way.
Your splendor and adventure are always safe. On this inolvidable route, you will
Testigo de la diversidad de flora y fauna que abunda en Costa Rica. Showing the eco of the
monos aulladores, observed the dance of the hummingbirds and already surprised by the variety of
Species that the man has this tierra su hogar.

Enjoy your typical dishes and adventures in the different climates that we offer
the route, from the warm tropical climate of San Carlos has the fresco mountain area in
nuestro destino final (Monteverde).

¡Prepare to experience an adventure that you will record for long!