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Northfields Coffee Tour

Are you a coffee or chocolate lover?

You are in the right place, meet us. We enjoy what we do by providing coffee and chocolate tours in the slopes of Volcano Arenal, La Fortuna, San Carlos.

North fields cafe is the best place to go when it is about Coffee and tours, come and live an entire coffee and chocolate experience. Watch what we have for you.

Or are you just looking for a good place to have an authentic coffee experience?

It is definitely one of the best things you can do in La Fortuna, San Carlos. Have a special experience, near to the root of our magical land. Look what the tours are about.

We take care about our cocoa seeds and coffee beans following organic principles and here we are ready to live with you the entire process, from a seed to the final product.

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    The coffee tour includes

    A coffee tour is a guided excursion or trip that focuses on providing participants with an immersive experience and education about the process of coffee production. These tours are typically conducted in regions known for their coffee cultivation and production.

    During a coffee tour, participants have the opportunity to visit coffee plantations, interact with coffee farmers, and learn about the entire coffee production process from bean to cup.

    Coffee Tour

    The tour may include activities such as:

    • Farm visits: Participants get a chance to explore coffee farms and learn about the cultivation practices, including planting, harvesting, and processing of coffee beans. They may see the coffee plants up close and even have the opportunity to pick coffee cherries themselves.

    • Coffee processing: Participants learn about the various methods used to process coffee beans, such as wet processing and dry processing. They may witness the pulping, fermenting, drying, and hulling stages, depending on the specific tour.

    • Roasting demonstrations: Some coffee tours include demonstrations of coffee bean roasting. Participants can observe the roasting process, learn about different roast levels, and understand how it affects the flavor profile of the coffee.

    • Cupping sessions: Cupping is the practice of evaluating the aroma and taste of different coffee varieties. Participants may be guided through cupping sessions where they can sample and compare various coffees to develop their palate and understand the nuances of flavor.

    • Coffee tasting: Participants often have the opportunity to taste a wide range of specialty coffees produced in the region. They can savor different brew methods, such as espresso, pour-over, or French press, and appreciate the unique characteristics and flavors of each coffee.

    • Cultural experiences: Coffee tours may also incorporate cultural elements, such as visits to local markets, traditional coffee ceremonies, or interactions with coffee farmers and their families. This provides a broader understanding of the local coffee culture and its significance to the community.

    Coffee tours can be educational, interactive, and enjoyable experiences for coffee enthusiasts or anyone interested in learning more about the journey of coffee from the farm to the cup. They offer an opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship involved in producing high-quality coffee and gain a deeper appreciation for the beverage we enjoy on a daily basis.

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