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Aventuras El Lago is born from the constant need for displacement by foreigners and nationals throughout the Costa Rican territory, who are looking for comfortable and safe transportation. Given the years of experience of its founder in passenger transport, the idea arose to solve this need by offering a quality service that meets your expectations through trained personnel and adequately equipped units.


One of the most frequented routes in our country is between Arenal and Monteverde, both destinations have an exuberant natural wealth and human warmth. Therefore, this route offers taxi-boat-taxi service, in the modalities of collective, collective with cavalcade and private, each seeking to adapt to the needs of each client. In this tour you can enjoy from sailing through Lake Arenal with its majestic volcano to nature on the sides of the roads, in a service so complete that offers pick up at the hotel to stay and unload at the destination hotel.


In addition, Aventuras El Lago offers private ground transportation to any part of the national territory, ensuring a comfortable, safe and safe journey, always seeking to adapt to the needs of those who make the project possible.



In what way will you travel today?

Adventures The lake offers you three different options for traveling


Horseback Riding Tour

Jeep - Boat - Jeep

Private Transport

For this transport it is necessary to take into account that our vehicle will pick you up at your hotel of stay, in addition, the tour on horseback will have two starting points depending on where you are headed; In case of going to Monteverde, the starting point is called El Guayabal, an area to be reached by boat from La Represa, on the other hand, if you head towards La Fortuna, the starting point will be in the area of ​​Río Chiquito .


During the tour, you will pause to drink water and eat fruit.


Finally, our vehicle will take you to your destination hotel so you can continue your adventure.


The fee for the horse tour is $ 85 per person, with a minimum of 2 people.





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It is a car - boat - car transport, with which you can quickly transfer from and to the Arenal and Monteverde areas by boat crossing Lake Arenal.


Our vehicles will arrive by you to the hotel where you are staying. They will take you to Lake Arenal in a tour that will take approximately 20 minutes if you leave from La Fortuna, or about 1 hour 45 minutes from Monteverde.


Having arrived at Lake Arenal, you will take a boat for approximately 45 minutes which will take you to the Río Chiquito area in case of going to Monteverde or to the La Represa area in case of going to La Fortuna.

 Once you arrive at the point of disembarkation of each zone, our vehicles will be ready to take you to your destination hotel in La Fortuna or in Monteverde.


The Jeep - Boat - Jeep fare is $30 per person.




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If your plan is to travel in an exclusive vehicle by land to any part of the country, this is your best option.

Our private ground service guarantees punctuality, comfort, experience and security door to door to any part of Costa Rica 24 hours a day.


It is a service so individualized that your rate will be personalized, you just have to indicate your name, number of passengers, address of stay, if you want to make stops along the way and the extension of these, in addition to the address of your destination, Data with which we will work to give you the best option.




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This is our transport!

The majestic Arenal Volcano, lake Arenal and the Monteverde mountains will be part of the landscape.

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